PROLONG Interior Protection supply a full range of Aerocare in-house developed surface cleaning and sanitation products based on a molecular matrix that incorporates 5 acticides. Acticides are well known antimicrobials that act synergistically together to kill organisms and biofilms. This synergy and ability to bring the 5 acticides together into one matrix formulation means that they can be used in low concentrations that are safe to handle

In addition the nature of the matrix itself, weakens and predisposes microbial cells to attack by the acticides. The six-fold attack ensures an efficient kill of all micro organisms. The combined cidal effect also ensures cells cannot develop resistance. Aerocare 1-03 has also been shown to be effective against spore forming organisms and their spores. Viral agents are also inactivated as their vectors are effectively destroyed by the sanitiser matrix and acticides. 

In addition to its antimicrobial property the 1-03 matrix also has the ability to bond to the treated surface. This results in a residual sanitiser effect ensuring a long-term protection against microbial contamination. The matrix also attaches to the treated surface itself by establishing an enhanced barrier against further attachment of micro organisms.