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Mobile + 31 6 228 28 801
Chamber of Commerce 74727354

PROLONG Interior Protection BV is an Axial Goodwill Holding BV Company, duly registered in The Netherlands.
Other Companies registered under Axial Goodwill Holding BV are FRONTROW Aviation BV and Axial Rotating Composites IVS.

Privacy Policy of PROLONG


Aerocare 1-03 and derivative products are 100% compliant with the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (NPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) and suitable for use in PT1, PT2 and PT4 disinfection. Please note that requirements for biocidal products may differ per country and additional approvals might be required. PROLONG Interior Protection B.V. expressly excludes any responsibility or liability in relation to that requirement.