Our Vision

a responsibility to take

Our global village thinking and acting are contributing to the spread of pandemic diseases and insects. The continuous growth of air transport and related industries such as tourism have made aircraft and people the perfect hosts for the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses. 
Existing treatments and corrective actions have become extremely costly and insufficient to control the spread of pandemic diseases, which impact human health and our world economy.
Consequently, the aviation industry has a responsibility to take. Existing solutions to clean and disinfect are below standards:

  • As per recommendation of OEM’s the use of ‘mild soap’ is still the industry standard for aircraft cleaning, which does not necessarily result in acceptable cleaning and disinfection of the aircraft
  • The myth that alcohol-based cleaners are the proven solution to kill bacteria and viruses, is erroneous and fostered by the authorities and chemical manufacturers
  • In many cases on board cleaning protocols and practices are ‘the poor child’ and based on the principle “if it smells clean, it is clean”.