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Water-based solution for simultaneous Cleaning and Sanitation.
Aerocare 1-03N is characterised by its intensive cleaning power, its pleasant odour and its excellent material compatibility. Aerocare 1-03N incorporates a neutral detergent PH 6.5 -7.5 and Aerocare 1-03 multi biocidal acticides at very low concentrations which guarantees safety when used regularly due to its excellent resistance to microbial recolonisation after application. Product can be applied with micro fibres or by means of fogging equipment.

Available in:

    • Ready For Use, 5L & 20L
    • Wipes, 150pc Wipe bucket with quick release cap

Features in Brief
Non Toxic, Non Hazardous, Ecologically Harmless.
Aerocare 1-03N is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungal to BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650, and BS 6920.



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